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Power of Positivity & Activation

I was a negative person for the majority of my life and it feels so much more freeing to think about my life as a positive person. How do you handle worst case scenario thoughts?

Emotional Decisions

Have you ever made an emotional decision in your business life? In your personal life?

Spreading Yourself Too Thin & Overcommitting Yourself

For a lot of entrepreneurs that I know, this is a big challenge and obstacle that they face because they overextend themselves.

Control the Voices in Your Head

How do you control the voices in your head? The positive voice? The tip-toe voice? The evil voice? The thoughts in your mind create actions in your life. It’s important to control that pathway in your own mind to control your life’s journey and path.

Making Decisions & Taking Action

How do you actually get to your New Year’s Resolutions? How do you take action? Make decisions? Move forward?

Power of Giving Back & Paying it Forward

What is the impact of giving back? What is the power of paying it forward? For me, it is more fulfilling than any deal I close, any milestone I reach as a business owner, or any dollar amount I earn.

What Highs Do You Chase in Life?

What are the differences between the positive and negative “highs” you chase in life?

Your Relationship with Money

The ways that your relationship with money can change the way you lead your life.

Activation: Five Core Pillars of Living an Activated Life

Live your best life, an activated life.

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