Chasing the High is the first book from new author, Michael Dash. Covering adversity through the entrepreneurial journey, Michael talks about his never ending pursuit of “chasing the high”, how he overcame his battle with addiction as well as legal battles with business partners who have literally tried to destroy him and his reputation and business.

Throughout the book, Michael focuses on sharing his tips for battling adversity, how the smallest action can create the biggest result, and how uncovering a different way to think and approach life’s challenges can turn your entire attitude into a much healthier, grateful way to live. If you want to feel inspired to live your best life professionally and personally, “Chasing the High” is the book for you.

“My story resonates with entrepreneurs and professionals in the figurative ‘trenches.’ My mission is to use my difficulties and eventual rise to inspire them to find balance while building for success.” – Michael Dash

COMING SOON, June 2019

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Michael Dash brings a heavy dose of motivation embedded in a message of hope for those looking to make a difference in their life's work and the world.
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Book Launch Information:

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