Michael Dash brings a heavy dose of motivation embedded in a message of hope for those looking to make a difference in their life’s work and the world.

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About Michael Dash
Michael grew up in a small town in New Jersey where:

  • He developed his passion for entrepreneurship while working with his father
  • He learned the value of hard work and the importance of a strong worth ethic
  • First person in his high school class to have a job (outside of helping his father)

Michael was educated:

  • At the University of Maryland
  • While in college, went door-to-door selling home improvement services in some of the toughest areas in Baltimore and Washington D.C. (his sales education)

Michael’s career trajectory:

  • In sports advertising
  • Then he began working with a childhood friend in the staffing business
  • In 2007, he “accidentally” identified a significant business opportunity in Utah
  • Knowing one person in the entire state of Utah, Michael followed his intuition and moved to Utah. That one opportunity turned into opening the business he runs today, a thriving technology talent acquisition firm called Parallel HR Solutions where he is the CEO and President.

Outside of running his business:

  • Michael is also an active community member and philanthropist
  • Supports and is a member of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Team-in-Training fundraising group
  • Part of several national organizations such as Young Entrepreneurial Council (YEC) and The Founders Organization

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Michael has experience speaking to young people and adult entrepreneurs about the highs and lows of chasing business success
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